Features For HTB Logistics & Trading Sdn Bhd

We act swiftly and flexibly, always focusing on solutions that fit our customer’s needs and providing them with highly competent and reliable transportation service

Delivery On Time

Combining straightforward, standardized road freight products with customizable options to meet lead-time and capacity needs

Cover Malaysia & Singapore

Cross-border road freight runs on a regular schedule to and between Singapore and Malaysia

Cargo Reach Destination Sure And Safe​

We have the experience and industry knowledge to surely and safely deliver the shipments.

Safety ​

We’ll handle logistics risks involved material handling, storage of products or raw materials, movement of material, damage/pilferage/theft, labeling & packaging the products, pandemic (Covid-19) & terrorism

Trucks Maintenance​

We carry out periodic checks and maintenance to ensure our trucks are in good condition.

Trucks Tracking​

We keep in the loop throughout the planning and shipping phases via global GPS system to make sure trucks and cargo are able to tracked

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